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Welcome to Find Your Flag!

Whether you're starting your journey of questioning your identities, or someone who wishes to understand our terms and flags more, Find your Flag is here for you with some of the most common identities, flags, and maybe a bit of history!

DISCLAIMER: This site only highlights the most popular of flags and terms within the community at time this site was last updated, Jan 2023. This website also aims to be brief in its overviews of identities and flags. If you want exhaustive lists of lesser known identities and more details, I suggest browsing the LGBTA+ Wiki and the Nonbinary Wiki, as well as conducting your own research in general.

Below are some terms that aren't identities but are important terms to know in the community!

Someone who identifies with their gender assigned at birth, or is otherwise not transgender or nonbinary. Often shortened to "cis".
Someone who is heterosexual and heteromantic, and experiences attractions exclusively to the opposite binary gender.
Shorthand for someone who is both cisgender and straight.
Someone who is not Intersex.
Someone who experiences sexual or romantic attraction, or is otherwise not aspec.
Short for multisexual spectrum. A term to refer to all orientations that experience attraction to more than one gender, such as bi, pan, ply, and omni.
In reference to trans people, it means changing aspects of your life to match your gender identity. These can be:
  • Getting a haircut
  • Using different pronouns and nouns
  • Changing your name
  • Wearing gender affirming clothing
  • Getting surgeries or starting hormones
Stands for Female to Male, a shorthand of describing a trans man.
Stands for Male to Female, a shorthand of describing a trans woman.
Stands for Hormone Replacement Therapy, a means of medical transition by taking either estrogen or testosterone.
Pronouns other than she/her, he/him, and they/them are considered neopronouns. Some include xe/xir, it/its, co/cos, fae/faer, and star/stars.

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